About Miranda

Miranda is about kids, dogs and knitting...

... and Dog Walk Happy since 2009.

That's basically what makes me tick.

I'm a hard-working mom with two cherished daughters and our brilliant, loyal and tireless English Springer Spaniel, Dougal. I also have my knitting. In those rare moments of quiet (usually after the girls have gone off to bed and the day's paperwork is done), knitting gives me a few brief moments of solace and creative release that truly soothes my soul.

But enough about home life. Let's talk animals!

A kinship with animals since I could grab a fence

My mom narrates the scene: "We were driving around outside Brooklin and thought we would stop and let her watch the cows. She was mesmerized and wanted to get closer, so she toddled to the fence and watched. All the cows looked up and started ambling directly for her. They came right up to the fence to get a closer look at this strange little creature. Miranda was fearless and enjoyed the encounter to the point of reaching through the fence to try to touch them as they came up to sniff her. It was very cute."

Now let's talk dog. Specifically, one in particular...

...Honey, the pug that made me a dog person for life

When I was 3 my mom got me a puppy. A pug. We named her Honey. Honey was my best friend. For a long, long time.

Me, 4; and Honey, 2. Mid '80's and I was in my pretty-in-pink-dress phase. I, soon after, developed a severe and unfortunate allergy to dresses that I haven't grown out of. It's engraved on my MedicAlert bracelet.

As for Honey, she didn't have fashion phases. Honey was a dog, so Honey had food phases. Here, Honey was in her I'll-eat-anything phase. Case in point: while it looks to the untrained eye like I'm holding Honey's head up for mom to take our photo, in reality I'm restraining her from schnarffling along the edge of the railway tie in her effort to eat a dead, decaying beetle.

Me and my best friend, Nicole, taking Honey for her afternoon walk. I was willing to overlook the disturbing vulgarities of Honey's I'll-eat-anything phase as long as she would overlook the disturbing vulgarities of my Glam Rock phase, replete with the mini-mullet and glitter glasses. Clearly, this was a co-dependent relationship for me and Honey, and we made it work. And how about that basket of Cabbage Patch Kids! Kid with the biggest bike basket wins. Let's compare. Hmm, how should I put this? I think Nicole's basket could use some... augmentation?

Nicole and I got back in touch a few years ago. It was so great to see her and to see what a beautiful person she's grown up to be. I'm not sure precisely when me becoming a grown-up became a fact. Maybe after having my second beautiful daughter? And probably after hearing people always calling me 'ma'am'. And definitely now that I don't get carded anymore. Ever.

<sniff>. <teardrop>. <farawaygaze>...

Honey, my dearest companion. Every night. Every single night as I grew up. I still miss her a lot.

It's really hot today and I'm trying to have a midsummer nap here. But my beloved barnacle feels the need to add a dollop of extra heat to the swelter. (No, Honey, a pillow is not technically a cooling layer. It's not even a layer. Cheeky girl.) My mom feels the need to capture the moment. Actually I'm glad she did, and for so many of my moments with Honey. Thank-you, mother. (Inset: Mom loved Honey too. Who wouldn't!)

At 12, I was in my particularly stylish high-contrast black-and-white quasi Master Chef Miranda couture phase. Honey was already a senior pup at this point, and she had established new highs (or would that be 'lows'?) in her deeply entrenched I'll-eat-anything phase. Me, I managed to grow out of the Master Chef phase while Honey managed to continue eating absolutely anything within her mouth reach when left alone. Can you imagine having a dog like that?

All white is alright. Judging calves as a 4H-er at our town fair. I voted for Honey. Do you think that's okay?

Me at 13, Honey at 11, and my cousin Alex (so very young!) up in Collingwood along the shore of Nottawasaga Bay. I am trying to launch a fusion Matrix-meets-Court Jester chic (before Matrix came out, even). Inexplicably, my look just didn't catch on with the masses. I mean I really think this is a kickin' look, don't you? During this period of fashion innovation, Honey continued to perfect her I'll-eat-anything chic. An-y-thing. I can't even imagine telling you the nastinesses that she inhaled with snorgling glee.

One day, I attempted to impart some of Morpheus's Matrixian wisdom unto Honey the canine mouth-Hoover. "Honey," I explained, holding her up so we were eye to eye, and lowering my voice for adultish effect, "Honey, there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." Not sure I really got through. "Sounds important, kind of dog walky important, I'm guessing?" she replied, cocking her head a little, "...and, umm, what about eating the path? What about that?"

Me 14, Honey 12. I could always count on a care-cuddle with Honey. And they were always welcome during my Seattle-Grunge-Nirvana-Kurt-Cobain-WhiteFeatherHairStreak phase. I needed Honey cuddlehugs not because of my rebellious style phase but just plain because of how stressful and colourless life can get as a young teen. And look at that, even this photo has virtually no colour. How fitting for that period. If I had to put a name on Honey's eating phase around then I think I'd have to go with I'll-eat-anything. Truth is, Honey really only ever did have the one phase. She was a dog. Know what I mean?

Thick and thin. Always by my side.

I look forward to talking dog with you and hearing your stories about your perfect furry friend.


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